India is certainly not just a land or nation. It is a country with diverse shades of colors, fine forms, scent, immense geography and also diversity of languages. Also, it includes ancient art, lovely nature, affluent traditions, incredible culture and religious traditions which all are part of Golden triangle tour package. The golden triangle tour is a glorious excursion to India’s magnificent past. With this tour you have the opportunity to visit 3 of the most historical & culturally affluent places such as Delhi the capital of India, Agra and the “Pink City” Jaipur in Rajasthan. For many centuries, this triangle tour pulls in travelers from each and every corner of the globe. These destinations are a flawless encapsulation of cultural, architectural and historical of India. It also provides you to the opportunity to understand the exceptional design structures, majestic forts and incredible palaces, caves, old medications & traditions, superb arts & culture with an unbelievable legacy and affluent history of India.

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan also famous as the pink city draws visitors from every part of the world. Jaipur is mostly renowned for its regal buildings & monuments, which reflects exceptional architecture of India. The pink city reflects its fabulous past via its regal forts, incredible palaces, peaceful temples and particularly stunning Havelis. Raj Mahal Palace, Hotel Mansingh Palace, Hotel Jaipur Palace are some luxury hotels include in Golden triangle tour package.

Delhi, the capital of India has always been a premier travel destination and is designed to be the ideal vacation spot for the tourists all over the world. Being the capital of India, Delhi provides lovely destinations and appetizing food to the visitors. The affluent culture and heritage of Delhi can be seen in several ways. Few of the most recommended places to be toured in Delhi comprise museums, galleries, monuments and several other places of interest.

The last destination of a Golden Triangle tour package will be…

Agra; Here you’ll be certainly mesmerized while seeing the splendor of Taj Mahal considered in 1 of the Seven Wonders of this World. It is considered as an undying symbol of real love that was constructed by Shah Jahan, a great Mughal ruler, in the reminiscence of his lovely wife Mumtaz. At Agra, travelers can also discover the Agra Fort, which hold a huge historical importance in history.

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